Introversion has been a gift to me, and has fueled an enduring passion for the craft of image making, and the drive to develope and express a photographic language.

My language continues to develop as my involvement in the medium adapts to a new age, a different phase and new circumstances.

As a child I was captivated when I first picked up a borrowed camera on a family holiday. In a clear moment I glimpsed what one day photography would become for me; a home, a refuge, a wage, and a playground.

I trained in Photography in the UK at Berkshire College of Art and Design, then commenced an apprenticeship in commercial studios and darkrooms in London in the 1980's.

I started to explore nocturnal London around that time, and as I was by now a photographer, these two strands simply became interwoven.

The opportunity to visit and work in New York came along in 1995 and I photographed there until 2001. I migrated from the UK to Australia in 1998 and have lived here since.

The image galleries of my work are here. The title 'work' is a slight paradox, in these projects I have in fact played a great deal, so please share the enjoyment.

Thanks, Alan.


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